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Should I Take the New GRE or the Current GRE? 5 Important Things to Consider

Happy holidays to everyone!  I’ve been super busy doing absolutely nothing for the past few days to celebrate the completion of my first graduate school application!  Three more to go! So the other day during my happy little vacation, I … Continue reading

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Preparing for the GRE: Psych Student Psyches Himself Up for the GRE

Three thousand vocabulary flashcards, hundreds of hours of practice, a Testmasters GRE prep-course, private tutoring, and a trip to the psychiatrist- this is what it took for me to get the competitive GRE score I needed. English is not my … Continue reading

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Soliciting Letters of Recommendation: 5 Critical Things to Know

Too bad I didn’t go to clown college…because then maybe it’d be easier to juggle all of these applications!  Haha…ha… Ahem. Before I delved into all the statement of purpose writing, resume updating, form filling, score sending, transcript requesting, and … Continue reading

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GRE Math: Two Example Geometry Problems and Solutions

I’m still trying to hammer out a coherent and apposite answer to the nightmare prompt from yesterday’s post, so I haven’t made much other progress on my applications.  Since there’s nothing to report, today we’ll just do a couple geometry … Continue reading

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Grad School Personal Statements: An Unexpected Twist

I promised my recommenders that I’d have a bunch of materials ready for them by tomorrow, among them an updated resume and personal statements.  So last night, after giving my resume a much-needed facelift, I settle down comfortably in my … Continue reading

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Grad Students React to New GRE: Yale Daily News

Here’s an article from Yale University’s daily periodical, Yale Daily News, entitled “Grad Students React to the New GRE.”  The article is basically a summary of various different viewpoints on the new GRE. The most interesting part about the article … Continue reading

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The GRE Experience: Looking Back at Test Day

I breathe a sigh of relief as I pull into the parking lot, happy that I found the Prometric testing center so easily.  “Maybe I should have gone for a dry run last week,” I think to myself.  Probably would … Continue reading

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