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The Myth of Grad School? What To Think About Before Applying

Sorry about the downtime yesterday, folks! The server crashed, and the whole site was down for the entire day while they were restoring from backups. All in all, it could have been a lot worse (this is why you backup … Continue reading

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New GRE: Changes to the Verbal Reasoning Section, Part 1

Unlike the math section of the new GRE, the verbal reasoning section is undergoing numerous changes (most of which are pretty significant), so I’ll have to split this post into two parts to make it a bit more digestible. Change #1 … Continue reading

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GRE Math: Two More Example Geometry Problems and Solutions

Example Geometry Problem #3 The problem states that the triangle depicted is an isosceles triangle. Remember, there are two qualities that define an isosceles triangle: 1) two identical sides 2) two identical angles If you have one, you will automatically … Continue reading

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Should I Take a Year Off Before Grad School? What a Year Off Did For Me

A competitive graduate student application should ideally include a high GPA, a competitive GRE score, applied work experience, and professional presentations (e.g. publications). If you are like one of the many applicants that actually had a social life during college, … Continue reading

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Grad School Applications, Part 1: Why I Chose Grad School

I am officially finished with applications! I received a confirmation email last week from the last school I applied to, telling me that they received all the requisite application materials. Huzzah! Now all that’s left to do is hold my … Continue reading

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New GRE: Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning Section

The new GRE begins August 1, 2011. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance the question “should I take the new GRE or the old GRE?” has crossed your mind. There are many factors to consider, and as … Continue reading

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GRE Math: Two Difficult Example Problems and Solutions

Example Difficult Arithmetic Problem These problems aren’t difficult because they use particularly complicated mathematical principles — they’re difficult because they’re a little tricky. They require you to think a little beyond what’s given directly to you. This problem looks a … Continue reading

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The GRE: Looking Back at Test Day, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1… The room is spartan. There are about twenty computers, but only about ten of them are being used right now. Nobody so much as flinches as I enter the room; everyone is totally submerged beneath a … Continue reading

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