Good New GRE Scores for Education Graduate Programs

Wondering what a good score on the new GRE is for graduate programs in education?  US News & World Report recently released their 2013 rankings for several graduate programs.  Below, we discuss the average GRE scores for students accepted to education graduate schools this year, as well as some other important factors to consider.



Top 1-50:
Average Verbal Scores for Entering Doctoral Students: 153-164
Average Quantitative Scores for Entering Doctoral Students: 150-159

Top 101 – 150:
Average Verbal Scores for Entering Doctoral Students: 149 – 155
Average Quantitative Scores for Entering Doctoral Students: 144-146

Our observations about the rankings:
Verbal vs. Quantitative:  Across the board, verbal scores tended to be higher than quantitative scores for candidates entering graduate doctoral programs in Education.  Prospective students with their eye on a program in the top 5 should be aiming for a score of about 155 in the quantitative section and a 162 in the verbal.
Does Size Matter?  The sizes of graduate education programs vary wildly–from a scant 30 students at Washington University in St. Louis to a whopping 5,000 at the Teachers College, Columbia University.  Size can affect many parts of your graduate experience, from getting to know the professors to grant money to how easy it is to gain admittance to the program.  For instance, Stanford only admits 6.1% of the people who apply for doctoral programs in education, while the much larger Teachers College, Columbia University admits 21.6% of applicants. Likewise, it can be easier to build relationships with professors in a smaller program.  Keep in mind, though, that the most important factor in building successful relationships with professors is to find a professor whose work is of interest to you.   So make sure you’re applying to programs where there are faculty you want to work with!

Get That Grant Money! Research activity was worth a whopping ⅓ of the school’s final ranking, and appears to be the biggest differentiator between top tier programs and lower-ranked programs.  The top 50 schools have nearly double the research budget of some of their lower-ranked counterparts.  So, if you’re looking to do a lot of research, you’ll probably want to shoot for a program in the top 50.

If you’re interested in going into education administration, or if you’d like to conduct research on educational trends or issues such as the achievement gap or urban education then a graduate program in education could be right for you.  Need a boost on your new GRE score to get into the program of your dreams? Test Masters offers new GRE preparation courses throughout the year.
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