The Top 10 Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science Universities, by Grant Funding Allocation

Which Schools Have the Most Grant Funding?

When seeking out graduate programs to apply to, one of the top criteria you consider might be the availability and quality of research. Since the entire purpose of graduate programs is to contribute new and exciting knowledge to your field, and since the flexibility and impact of this work is highly dependent on the resources available to you, today we’ll take a look at the schools which pull in the most grant funding. Of course, funding itself is not a perfect metric to determine the impact of an institution’s graduate programs, but hopefully it’ll be a useful tool to you when deciding what top programs to apply to.


The National Institutes of Health is a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and they primarily promote research in the biomedical fields. For the Fiscal Year 2016, the top universities receiving funding were:

Institution Funding Amount
Johns Hopkins University $139,655,936
University of Michigan $101,409,949
University of California, San Francisco $92,062,563
Washington University $88,924,612
University of Pennsylvania $83,169,198
Yale University $80,344,268
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh $79,297,967
Duke University $78,297,967
Stanford University $74,174,567
University of California San Diego $72,906,994


The National Science Foundation funds research the social sciences as well as the non-medical aspects of science and engineering. Below we’ve listed the top grant recipients from 2015

Institution Funding Amount
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $128,329,000
University of California, Berkeley $112,530,000
University of Washington $101,440,000
Cornell University $100,159,000
Columbia University $99,760,000
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor $98,615,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $93,468,000
University of Wisconsin, Madison $89,341,000
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities $87,025,000
University of Texas, Austin $83,482,000


The National Endowment for the Humanities funds individual fellowships as well as larger research and preservation projects. For 2015, the following universities netted the most grant funding in 2015.

Institution Funding Amount
University of Virginia $968,677
Emory University $734,063
Yale University $640,000
Duke University $478,997
Case Western Reserve University $399,735
Stanford University $365,000
University of California, Los Angeles $361,337
University of Southern California $325,000
North Carolina State University $324,135
University of Minnesota $324,121
New York University $322,615
University of Wisconsin, Madison $300,000
George Mason University $290,000
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