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New GRE Math Problems – More Tips and Techniques

You won't see calculus on the New GRE!

In the last math post we talked about how the new GRE is putting more emphasis on word problems. However, there are plenty of pure algebra problems on the new test. Here’s a couple of good examples of the types of algebra problems you might see.


1. This first problem involves two equations and two variables. You may have learned how to do a problem like this in school with your graphing calculator. Unfortunately, you won’t have that available to you for the GRE. Continue reading “New GRE Math Problems – More Tips and Techniques” »

Rice Graduate Admissions: A Spotlight Interview

We wish all grad students were this cute.

We have talked to several grad school faculty members to ask their opinions about the GRE, including the new changes, the rationale for looking at the scores, and the need for taking the GRE subject tests.

Few schools have a specific cut-off score for the GRE.  Some weigh the GRE more if the GPA from the Bachelor’s degree is lower.  Several departments in colleges do require the Subject test; however, even for some, this is just a formality; for others, a respectable score is mandated.  Some require the GRE Subject test just for the PhD program; others need to see the results before admission to a Masters program is guaranteed.

The following is a brief interview with Huey Huang, a professor of physics at Rice University, concerning the relationship between the GRE and their admissions process.

Continue reading “Rice Graduate Admissions: A Spotlight Interview” »