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Can I Take the GRE Instead of the GMAT?

Back when the GRE was updated, we posted an article about how this new format could be the GMAT killer. While the GRE has not overtaken GMAT in terms of popularity for admissions to business programs, it certainly has gained more … Continue reading

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GRE Vocabulary—Ephemeral

This Week’s Word: Ephemeral /ɪˈfɛm ər əl/    [ih-fem-er-uh l] adj. Ephemeral describes something short-lived or something that lasts for only a day. Synonyms: Fleeting, evanescent, transitory Word History: The term ephemera was adopted into 14th century English from Latin as a medical term, describing … Continue reading

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GRE Vocabulary–Desiccate

This Week’s Word: Desiccate /ˈdɛs ɪˌkeɪt/     [des-i-keyt] v. The verb desiccate can be used with or without an object and means to thoroughly dry up or dry out. It may be used in the context of dehydrating food in order to … Continue reading

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GRE Subject Tests: To Take, or Not To Take

Remember when you took the SAT for the first time? You were so anxious because it was the SAT AND IT WAS THE BIGGEST TEST YOU WERE EVER GOING TO TAKE! And just as you got up to the front … Continue reading

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