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Reminder — Application Deadlines

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It’s time to start checking items off your ‘to-do’ list.

It’s that time of year again! No, not Arbor Day. Application deadlines!

Just a friendly reminder from us here at Test Masters that it’s already the end of October, and application deadlines are fast approaching. Deadlines are obviously different for every program, but many of you who are hoping to find yourself enrolled in school next fall should be polishing up your resumes, fleshing out those essays, and requesting those letters of recommendation! Hopefully you’ve already taken your GREs and are satisfied with your results – if not, we’re always happy to help out in whatever way we can!

Here’s a quick, very general checklist of items you will most likely need to complete an application:

1. A resume
2. Transcript from your undergraduate institution
3. GRE scores
4. Letters of recommendation
5. Essays
6. A completed application
7. An application fee
8. A TOEFL score for international students

Be sure to check you program’s website to make sure you have everything you need to apply. Best of luck to everyone!

GRE Vocabulary – Mellifluous


From Greek Mythology, Pan, the god of the wild, was often depicted playing the pipe, whose sound was described as piercing, sweet, and mellifluous.

mel·lif·lu·ous məˈliflo͞oəs/ adjective

Mellifluous is an adjective that means “having a smooth, rich flow.” It is often used to describe a person’s voice or the flow of a sentence.

The origins of mellifluous are Latin –the Latin words mell and fluere mean honey and to flow, respectively. Putting them together, we get “to flow as honey.” True to its origins, the word mellifluous often connotes a sweetness and pleasantness.

Sample Sentence

The highlight of Jake’s evening was hearing his daughter’s mellifluous voice resonating throughout the stadium as she sang the national anthem before the big game.

In this sentence, the word mellifluous is being used to describe a girl’s voice. There are a couple context clues in this sentence that can help you understand the positive connotation of the word mellifluous. The first is that hearing his daughter’s voice was “the highlight” of Jake’s evening. One can assume that, had her voice not been beautiful and sweet, hearing her sing would not have been a “highlight.” The other is a bit of a stretch, but not unreasonable – it’s safe to assume that Jake’s daughter has a lovely voice, otherwise she would not have been chosen to sing the national anthem before a a big game in front of a stadium audience.

How Do I Find a GRE Testing Center?

CATFinding a GRE testing center is pretty simple. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has an easy-to-use testing center locator on their website, located here. All you have to do is select a few options for your location, and voila!

When I took my GRE, I was living in Houston, and the nearest one to me was in an area of the city that I wasn’t familiar with at all. A few days before I was scheduled to take my GRE, I made a dry run out to the testing center so that I would know exactly how to get there on the day of the test. The last thing you want is to get lost! The stress of trying to find the building and getting there on time might mess up your ability to concentrate during the test, so I strongly suggest that you find out where it is and make sure you know how to get there. You might even want to look up an alternate route in case some unexpected construction suddenly pops up.

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Testmasters Makes the Inc. 500/5000 List of Fastest Growing US Companies

Testmasters makes the Inc 5000!

Testmasters makes the Inc 5000!

Thank you for being part of the It’s Not GREek community. We appreciate your readership and the opportunity to bring you free GRE resources, insights into the verbal and quantitative portions of the exam, graduate admissions tips, and more.

We are happy to announce that Testmasters, the company behind It’s Not GREek, has earned a spot on the Inc. 500/5000 List of the fastest growing US companies. We are proud of our success as a business the same way we are proud of the successes of our students.

We look forward to continuing to support you in securing the GRE score you need to go the places you want to go. We will continue to provide information we find useful and keep you in the loop on the opportunities Testmasters and It’s Not GREek continue to offer.

If there is anything we can do to help you in your journey to graduate school, please let us know. To view the press release go to this link

Thanks again,

The It’s Not GREek Team

New GRE Math Tips and Tricks

This is a fraction, not a word problem

The new GRE Quantitative section places a greater emphasis on word problems. Here are a couple of good examples of the types of word problems that will be more common on the new GRE.

Problem #1 –   This first problem is a numeric entry problem, one of the new problem types. For these problems, you will not be given multiple choices.  Here is the problem: Continue reading “New GRE Math Tips and Tricks” »

The End and the Beginning, Part 2

The end for me.

When I graduated from college, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to be doing. I interviewed for a couple jobs, but I really just wasn’t into it (I also bombed them, but that’s another animal). I had friends who were going off to work for huge companies like Microsoft and Intel and Google, and I wondered if they just knew exactly what that was what they wanted to do or if they just snapped up whatever was offered to them without really doing any serious introspection. It seemed like such a huge decision to make, and I had absolutely no idea how they found the time to ensure that it was the right one. I went home with no job offers and no specific plan for the future.
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The End and The Beginning, Part 1

The sunset of my youth...and the sunrise of my adulthood.

Hello all! I have been away for some time, traveling and enjoying the last few months of this chapter of my life. I’m writing now to say goodbye to any of you who still remember me and to provide some closure to my little story on this (not so little anymore!) blog. My tenure at Testmasters has come to an end (actually, it ended a little while ago), and I am now on the cusp of starting a new phase of my life — graduate school.

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Taking A Year Off Before Grad School

The proverbial fork in the road

As Ben mentioned in a previous post, he took a year off after graduating from college before going to grad school. I did the same thing, and I’m sure that many of you recent grads out there are wondering whether or not you should too. Now that I’m nearing the end of my year off, I think it was the right move for me. Here are the four reasons I think that taking a year off before grad school was beneficial

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