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GRE Practice Tests: Three Things To Do When Practicing for the GRE

Not all practice is made equal. It takes more than just doing a bunch of problems and then scoring yourself to really prepare yourself for the real thing. “Doing problems” is not all that’s involved in practice. If you aren’t … Continue reading

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How To Prepare for the GRE: Four Essential Things You Need

A friend of mine is planning on taking the GRE in July. Having been out of school for a little while, he’s worried that his test-taking and studying skills have eroded away a bit, and he’s been asking me what … Continue reading

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Grad School vs. the Working World: Should I Continue My Education or Start Working?

Now that it’s April, and seniors everywhere are looking forward to graduation and beyond, the question, “should I go to graduate school or find a job right out of college,” is probably floating around in a lot of minds. The … Continue reading

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I Want To Go To Graduate School To Study Stuff!

Far be it from me to discourage anyone from going to graduate school, but this Xtranormal video, which has been floating around for quite a while, demonstrates exactly the kind of vague and unfocused thinking that is exactly wrong for … Continue reading

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GRE Math: Two Example Quantitative Comparison Problems and Solutions

Example QC #1 If only we had calculators…then this problem would be a piece of cake! Well, for those of you taking the new GRE, you will have a calculator, so this problem would be a breeze. But for those … Continue reading

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Registration for new GRE Begins Tomorrow, March 15!

Tomorrow is the day! Don’t worry — you can still register for the old GRE as well. From tomorrow until the end of July, you will be able to sign up for either test. You can sign up for the … Continue reading

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5 Things To Think About If Your GRE Score Is Lower Than You Want

So you didn’t get the score you wanted. It’s a heartbreaking feeling to see the lower-than-expected numbers pop up on the computer screen after four grueling hours of taking the GRE and who knows how many hours of preparation. Chin … Continue reading

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Free GRE Solutions Guide Download!

Greetings, readers! Due to the popularity of our example problem posts, we have decided to release a free download of one of Testmasters’ GRE solutions guides to the ETS’s official study guide, “Practicing to Take the GRE General Test (10th … Continue reading

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