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How Do I Find a GRE Testing Center?

Finding a GRE testing center is pretty simple. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has an easy-to-use testing center locator on their website, located here. All you have to do is select a few options for your location, and voila! When … Continue reading

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GRE Vocab and the Seven Deadly Sins: Part IV – Wrath

This week we turn from some of the more fun sins like lust and gluttony to a more violent one: wrath. In Catholicism, wrath is defined as immoderate or uncontrolled anger or hatred. In his famous Inferno, the first part … Continue reading

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Should I cancel my GRE scores?

Taking the GRE is a scary enough experience, but even after you have finished the exam, you will be left with one major decision: do you want to see your scores or cancel them? No matter how badly you thought … Continue reading

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ScoreSelect Starts Today

Starting today, GRE test-takers will have complete control over which test scores are sent to graduate schools.  ETS is introducing a new score reporting option called ScoreSelect that allows test-takers to choose which GRE scores they send to each institution. … Continue reading

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4 Hours of Incarceration at the GRE Testing Center: My GRE Test Taking Experience

When I signed up to take the GRE at a testing center, they provided me with a list of dos and don’ts, but I don’t think they adequately portrayed the list of testing regulations that could easily overwhelm  the unexpected … Continue reading

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New GRE Math Problems – More Tips and Techniques

In the last math post we talked about how the new GRE is putting more emphasis on word problems. However, there are plenty of pure algebra problems on the new test. Here’s a couple of good examples of the types … Continue reading

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Registration for new GRE Begins Tomorrow, March 15!

Tomorrow is the day! Don’t worry — you can still register for the old GRE as well. From tomorrow until the end of July, you will be able to sign up for either test. You can sign up for the … Continue reading

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The GRE: Looking Back at Test Day, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1… The room is spartan. There are about twenty computers, but only about ten of them are being used right now. Nobody so much as flinches as I enter the room; everyone is totally submerged beneath a … Continue reading

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