Taking A Year Off Before Grad School


The proverbial fork in the road

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  1. Wael says:

    There is no specific score bar that you have to cross in GRE to get a scaorhlship for PhD. It does not work like that.Getting scaorhlship/financial aid is a mixture of a lot of things.1.) The reputation of the university from which your graduated from.2.) Your academic standing (gpa and inter/A-Level result)3.) Publications (probably most important) especially if they are relevant to the professors that you desire to do PhD with.4.) GRE score5.) Letters of recommendations.6.) Statement of purpose.You have to concentrate on all these things to be able to convince a professor in a university to give you financial aid/scaorhlship.The usual strategy is to find professors with research interests similar to yours and tailor your statement of purpose, and research interests to fully match that professors research interests.You somehow have you prove yourself immensely valuable to the professor.You need to apply to several universities and appeal to as many professors personally as possible.If all the stars align right, you get your scaorhlship

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