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Greetings, readers! Due to the popularity of our example problem posts, we have decided to release a free download of one of Testmasters’ GRE solutions guides to the ETS’s official study guide, “Practicing to Take the GRE General Test (10th Edition).” The solutions in this guide are a sample from our own best-selling solutions manual, “Test Masters Complete Solutions to the ETS Official GRE Book.” In this free download, you’ll find complete solutions to one test in the ETS’s book (the second test, GR90-16). Click on the link above or on the image on the right sidebar for your free download!

The ETS’s book contains seven full-length GRE exams, so if you’re looking for practice tests (which you should be!), be sure to pick up a copy. In order to maximize the usefulness of this free solutions guide, take the test in a quiet location (be sure to time yourself!) and then use the guide to go over questions you missed, didn’t totally understand, or simply want an alternate explanation for.¬†Even reading the solutions for problems that you got correct can often be helpful — the solutions may provide a different way of approaching and answering a question, and the more ways you know how to solve problems, the better!

Enjoy, and happy studying!

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  1. Chester says:

    I’ll be needing everything that may help me pass this exam.
    thanks a lot, it is very helpful.

  2. AgreE says:

    ..Thank you

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