GRE Verbal Reasoning Problem: Alaskan wildlife

Verbal Reasoning questions don’t have to be difficult, just be sure to prepare!

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  1. Oil companies seeking permission to drill in Alaskan wildlife refuge areas argued that, for animals, the effects of previous drilling in comparable areas have been _____.
    1. irrepressible
    2. counterproductive
    3. negligible
    4. momentous
    5. magnanimous

Explanation: We are being asked what kind of argument oil companies would make, with regard to the effects their drilling might have on animals, if they were seeking permission to continue drilling. In this case, they would try to downplay any effects; they would essentially argue there have been no effects. Of the available answer choices, only “negligible” means not significant. Thus the answer choice is (c) negligible.

You can never have enough vocabulary words; here are the definitions of all the answer choices:

Irrepressible: difficult or impossible to control or restrain. As in, “my enthusiasm for vocabulary is irrepressible!”  XD

Counterproductive: Tending to hinder rather than serve one’s purpose.

Negligible: Not significant enough or important enough to be worth consideration, trifling.

Momentous: Of utmost importance. Of outstanding significance or consequence.

Magnanimous: Courageously noble in mind and heart. Generous in forgiving, eschewing resentment or revenge. Unselfish.

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