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Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Up Your Google Search Results

You know that the graduate school of your dreams is looking for candidates with a good score on the new GRE, a killer admissions essay, great research experience, and impressive recommendations, but did you know there’s another factor admissions officers … Continue reading

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Taking A Year Off Before Grad School

As Ben mentioned in a previous post, he took a year off after graduating from college before going to grad school. I did the same thing, and I’m sure that many of you recent grads out there are wondering whether … Continue reading

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How To Prepare for the GRE: Four Essential Things You Need

A friend of mine is planning on taking the GRE in July. Having been out of school for a little while, he’s worried that his test-taking and studying skills have eroded away a bit, and he’s been asking me what … Continue reading

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I Want To Go To Graduate School To Study Stuff!

Far be it from me to discourage anyone from going to graduate school, but this Xtranormal video, which has been floating around for quite a while, demonstrates exactly the kind of vague and unfocused thinking that is exactly wrong for … Continue reading

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5 Things To Think About If Your GRE Score Is Lower Than You Want

So you didn’t get the score you wanted. It’s a heartbreaking feeling to see the lower-than-expected numbers pop up on the computer screen after four grueling hours of taking the GRE and who knows how many hours of preparation. Chin … Continue reading

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Should I Take a Year Off Before Grad School? What a Year Off Did For Me

A competitive graduate student application should ideally include a high GPA, a competitive GRE score, applied work experience, and professional presentations (e.g. publications). If you are like one of the many applicants that actually had a social life during college, … Continue reading

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Grad School Applications, Part 1: Why I Chose Grad School

I am officially finished with applications! I received a confirmation email last week from the last school I applied to, telling me that they received all the requisite application materials. Huzzah! Now all that’s left to do is hold my … Continue reading

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Applying to Graduate School: 5 Tips for Interview Day

It’s February 2011 and graduate school faculty members all across the country are sifting through massive stacks of applications, deciding who will be invited to attend the oh-so-exciting INTERVIEW DAY! Not all graduate school programs require in-person interviews, but for … Continue reading

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