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“Should I Retake the GRE?”

Let’s say you took the old GRE a couple years ago, and are thinking about applying to graduate schools this fall.  Should you take the new GRE if you already took the old GRE?

All GRE scores, from the old and the new test, are valid for five years after you’ve taken the test, and the departments we contacted have indicated they will continue to accept old GRE scores as long as they are valid.  So, if you took the old GRE within the last five years, and are happy with your old score, there’s no reason to retake the test.  If you’re looking to score higher, though, you might want to consider retaking the exam. Continue reading ““Should I Retake the GRE?”” »

The GRE: Looking Back at Test Day, Part 2

Taking the GRE is fun!

Continuing from Part 1

The room is spartan. There are about twenty computers, but only about ten of them are being used right now. Nobody so much as flinches as I enter the room; everyone is totally submerged beneath a thick layer of concentration. The proctor shows me to my seat in the corner, and I take my seat.

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