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The New GRE – Sentence Highlighting

One new question type on the new (revised) GRE is called sentence highlighting. That’s not really an “official” name, but it does describe what you have to do to answer the question. Sentence highlighting questions are a new type of … Continue reading

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Should I Take the New GRE or the Current GRE? 5 Important Things to Consider

Happy holidays to everyone!  I’ve been super busy doing absolutely nothing for the past few days to celebrate the completion of my first graduate school application!  Three more to go! So the other day during my happy little vacation, I … Continue reading

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The GRE CAT is a Totally Different Animal

This weekend, I took my first practice computer-adaptive test — man is it a different experience. As we hopefully all know by now, the computer-adaptive test is the computerized administration of the GRE.  You must answer each question as it … Continue reading

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A Very Scary GRE Entry

Halloween is rounding the corner, so in the spirit of the evening before All Hallows Day, here are a few things about the GRE that scare me. 1. Reading Passages Giant blocks of text without equations in them make me … Continue reading

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