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The GRE: Looking Back at Test Day, Part 2

Taking the GRE is fun!

Continuing from Part 1

The room is spartan. There are about twenty computers, but only about ten of them are being used right now. Nobody so much as flinches as I enter the room; everyone is totally submerged beneath a thick layer of concentration. The proctor shows me to my seat in the corner, and I take my seat.

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The GRE Experience: Looking Back at Test Day

It's hard to find a picture of people taking a test on a computer!

I breathe a sigh of relief as I pull into the parking lot, happy that I found the Prometric testing center so easily.  “Maybe I should have gone for a dry run last week,” I think to myself.  Probably would have been smart.  I find a parking spot, haphazardly swerve in, and glance at the clock.  3:35.  Twenty-five minutes until the GRE.  The vocabulary list in the passenger seat is screaming for my attention, but I ignore it, knowing that cramming last second won’t help me.  Instead, I turn up the radio and close my eyes for a bit, trying to force relaxation (paradox check).

After about five minutes of sitting in my car staring into the back of my eyelids, the mellifluous tones of Pink Floyd washing over me, it occurs to me that I may want to head in a little early in case I need to fill out some paperwork.  Exiting my car, I catch my reflection in the window and notice that my incorrigible bedhead has risen from its watery grave.  “How stupid it is to care about what my hair looks at this particular moment,” I think.  Still, I poke at it a bit, knowing that anything that could be a distraction can only be detrimental to my concentration.