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The New GRE – GMAT Killer?


You can stop worrying about which exam you should take for graduate school. The GRE is accepted practically everywhere.

At one point in time, the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) was the de facto exam that students took to get into business school. But in 2006, the creators of the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), decided to sever ties with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), who up until that point had administered the exam. This move, which ended the non-compete clause that the GMAC held over the ETS, allowed the ETS to challenge the stranglehold that the GMAC had on business school testing.

Since 2006, the ETS has been campaigning schools to accept the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT. According to a press release by the ETS, “About 450 MBA programs worldwide now accept the GRE test, including 45 percent of the U.S. News & World Report’s top 100 U.S. programs and seven of the top 10 global MBA programs according to The Financial Times.” These schools include some of the top-ranked business schools in the world, such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton at UPenn, Stern at NYU, and Sloan at MIT.

Additionally, the revised GRE is in part meant to make the exam more attractive to business schools. The ETS website states, “ETS has revised the test to better reflect the kind of thinking you’ll do in graduate or business school and improve your test-taking experience. New types of questions now more closely align with the skills you need to succeed in today’s demanding graduate and business school programs.” Removing analogies and antonyms, for instance, shifts the focus away from memorization and towards analysis and understanding.

It’s no surprise that more and more schools are starting to accept the GRE. The ETS estimates that there are approximately 700 GRE testing centers in 160 countries around the world; contrast this with a 2010 GMAC press release, which estimates that there are 500 testing centers in 110 countries. Schools that decide to accept the GRE can expand their applicant pools by making it more convenient for international applicants applying to US business schools in this era of globalization. Additionally, the move to accept the GRE is beneficial to students as well. Those who are trying to decide between going to graduate school and going to business school don’t have to choose one over the other or worry about taking two tests (and paying two registration fees) — they can simply take the GRE and apply to both. Test Masters recommends that prospective students take both tests and submit the higher score.

With the release of the new GRE and the momentum that the ETS has built up over the past several years, we can expect to see more and more business schools accepting the GRE for admissions. Of course, the GMAC is not simply twiddling its thumbs as the ETS courts its primary market — the GMAT is scheduled for a major facelift soon to give the exam more business-specific content.

But who knows? By then, it may be too late.

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Sample Sentence Completion Problem!

Below is sample sentence completion problem that has appeared on the verbal reasoning section of a past GRE, along with a solution.

Number theory is rich in problems of an especially —– sort: they are tantalizingly simple to state but —– difficult to solve.
(A) cryptic..deceptively
(B) spurious..equally
(C) abstruse..ostensibly
(D) elegant..rarely
(E) vexing..notoriously Continue reading “Sample Sentence Completion Problem!” »

The Machine vs. The Pen: The Pros and Cons of a Computer Based GRE

gre testing centerMST vs. CAT

The computerized version of the old GRE was a CAT (Computer-Adaptive Test), which means that the difficulty level of the questions you saw depended on your performance earlier in the test. Thus, the more problems you were solving correctly, the harder the problems you would get (and vice versa). The purpose was to give you a score that most accurately represented your understanding of the concepts and materials covered by the test. In short, a CAT test will adapt after you answer each question (either getting slightly harder if you answer correctly or getting slightly easier if you answer incorrectly). However, there are a few disadvantages to this type of test: Continue reading “The Machine vs. The Pen: The Pros and Cons of a Computer Based GRE” »

What is a Good Score on the New GRE?

This is what I always wanted to see on my tests!

When it comes to tests – or really grades in general – I am a perfectionist. Back in high school, even though a 91 and a 99 both counted as an A, and both benefited my GPA  by the same amount, a 99 or even a 100 was just so much prettier. Every question I missed on a test was one that I could have gotten right. And if we were ever told just our grade, without a chance to look over the tests, I was the one who would angst over which questions I might have missed. Continue reading “What is a Good Score on the New GRE?” »