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What is GRE Score Select?

GRE Score Select gives students who take the GRE multiple times the option of selecting which score reports are submitted to the graduate schools to which they will apply. This means that if you take the GRE more than once, … Continue reading

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Ask Test Masters: Which Study Book Should I Use for the GRE?

“Ask Test Masters” is a free informational service offered by Test Masters, the fastest growing professional exam preparation company in the United States. You ask, we answer. KJ, a graduate school hopeful, wants to know which GRE study book to … Continue reading

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GRE Analytical Writing Overview Part II: Analysis of an Argument

The GRE Analytical Writing section can be a stumbling block for many students. However, with practice it can become one of the easiest sections on the test. Scoring on the GRE Analytical Writing  section is based on a 6 point … Continue reading

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Should I cancel my GRE scores?

Taking the GRE is a scary enough experience, but even after you have finished the exam, you will be left with one major decision: do you want to see your scores or cancel them? No matter how badly you thought … Continue reading

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4 Hours of Incarceration at the GRE Testing Center: My GRE Test Taking Experience

When I signed up to take the GRE at a testing center, they provided me with a list of dos and don’ts, but I don’t think they adequately portrayed the list of testing regulations that could easily overwhelm  the unexpected … Continue reading

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The GRE: Looking Back at Test Day, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1… The room is spartan. There are about twenty computers, but only about ten of them are being used right now. Nobody so much as flinches as I enter the room; everyone is totally submerged beneath a … Continue reading

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No GRE Test Dates in July! (UPDATED)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: read below! The nice folks over at HappySchoolsBlog were kind enough to tweet this announcement. Apparently several students were trying to sign up for tests during July and found that they couldn’t. I moseyed on over to the ETS website … Continue reading

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Preparing for the GRE: Psych Student Psyches Himself Up for the GRE

Three thousand vocabulary flashcards, hundreds of hours of practice, a Testmasters GRE prep-course, private tutoring, and a trip to the psychiatrist- this is what it took for me to get the competitive GRE score I needed. English is not my … Continue reading

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