Testimonial Thursday

Today we just wanted to share a testimonial we received from one of our recent GRE students.

“I took a test GRE about two months ago and bombed the quantitative (a 142 – 12%!). I’m 37 and hadn’t opened a math book in almost 20 years, so the prep books were just hieroglyphics. After hearing you were the best, I called in. Yesterday, I scored a 155 (60%) — my target Q score — meaning your tutors helped me jump almost 50% of test takers in just two months with only eight very reasonably-priced sessions. I’m simply overjoyed.

If I may say: my math instructor was fantastic and made math, for the first time in my life, actually interesting to learn.

Thank you, “Test Masters,” for living up to your name.

-Matt. P

We’re overjoyed to hear Matt managed such a herculean improvement to reach his target score, and we’re even more glad that he finally discovered how interesting math can be. Kudos to you Matt, and best of luck in your graduate studies!

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