Grad School Application Timeline

When is the GRE Offered?

As you’re getting ready to take the GRE, you may be wondering when exactly the test dates are. Luckily, the GRE is offered year-round, so check out the official sign-up page to see¬†your local testing centers and test dates. This flexibility offers you a lot of leeway in planning when to take the exam, though we’ll present a rough timeline of when exactly you should have documentation ready to apply.

However, keep in mind that many institutions require the GRE Subject Test for admissions. These are offered less frequently, and the upcoming fall deadlines have not been posted as of the time of writing. For more information, go to the ETS’s official page.


March-May of Junior Year

  • Identify schools that you would like to apply to, and read up on their graduate programs
    • Talk to your professors and advisers to see which programs might be a good fit for you and your future goals
    • See if the programs you’re applying to require GRE Subject Tests
  • Get ready for the GRE by creating a study schedule or taking a full-length GRE preparation course


  • Prepare for the GRE, and do as much practice and review as you can. The more work you put in, the better your scores will be!
  • Start drafting your personal statement and statement of purpose
    • Don’t worry about the quality just yet! It’s just a draft! Just make sure you have a general framework of what you want to say to schools


  • Take the GRE and GRE Subject Tests (if necessary).
    • If you don’t do as well as you’d hope, you still have time to improve before sending in your application!
  • Continue editing your personal statement and statement of purpose


  • Contact professors and advisers who could write glowing letters of recommendation for you
    • Make sure to have a CV and draft of your personal statement and statement of purpose ready for them!
  • Take the GRE Subject Test, if necessary and if you have not already done so
  • Retake the GRE if you need to


  • Finalize your personal statement and statement of purpose
    • Have friends or professors take a look at it to give you some final feedback before submission
  • Request official transcripts
  • Complete and submit your grad school applications!
    • Make sure to double check the exact deadlines of your graduate programs so you aren’t caught unaware!


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